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We already know Virginia is for lovers, and that means book lovers, too! From picture books to educational treasures, now’s a great time to support our local DMV talent:

James Pettinelli
James Pettinelli is a self-proclaimed kid-at-heart who loves NERF wars, Cheetos, and cartoons! As a Virginia resident, husband, and father of two, Pettinelli’s colorful background also includes work in anthropology and government contracting.

Pettinelli is the author of the Zagabook series, which introduces readers to a little troll named Zagaboo. Each book in the series explores science through adventures and mystical creatures while giving children opportunities to use their imaginations and of course, learn something new! Find each of Pettinelli’s books on Amazon to explore a whole new world of fun! Find this author’s books on Amazon:

The Legend of Zagaboo
Zagaboo is a troll king who rules a magical kingdom deep underground beneath the biggest tree in the forest. Many trolls live there with Zagaboo, each with very different talents. With the help of gophers, their closest friends, and assistants, they’ve dug thousands of chambers and built swimming pools, soccer fields, dance studios, and jungle gyms made of huge letters.

Maddie Swims Troll Style
Maddie never learned how to swim and becomes anxious about going to her best friend’s pool party tomorrow. She doesn’t have much time to prepare, so Maddie tugs her ear and recites, “Zagaboo, Zagaboo, where are you.” The chant summons Zagaboo, a troll king who lives underground deep in the forest. Zagaboo immediately assigns Winko and Jingjang (his two swimming trolls) to teach Maddie how to swim.

Charlie Digs Dinosaurs
Before he goes to sleep, Charlie tugs his ear and says the magic words, “Zagaboo, Zagaboo, where are you?” The next thing he knows, Charlie is racing toward Zagaboo’s Kingdom with Dr. Razz atop a speeding gopher. Dr. Razz is a paleontology troll who will help Charlie learn where to find dinosaur bones and how to dig them up.