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Cardinal Fencing Academy invites you to join them this summer! No matter your child’s skill level — from never having held an epee to experienced athletes — campers will enjoy learning from world-class coaches and medal-winning fencing pros!

A great summer experience, fencing not only boasts tons of fitness benefits, but also promotes intellectual development, decision-making skills, and self-confidence, too. Summer 2024 opportunities include:

Beginner Fencing Camp
Weekly, July 8-Aug 9, 2024 • Ages 5+
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Beginner camps are perfect for kids looking for a new sport in a fun, pressure-free setting. Held weekly, campers will have the opportunity to gear up, spar, and even referee. In addition, they’ll enjoy games, footwork, tournaments, and new friendships!

End-of-Season Camp
Weekly, June 17-28, 2024 • Intermediate-Competitive
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This camp offers athletes a great way to prepare for Summer Nationals — part of Cardinal Fencing Academy’s core program. This intensive program is designed to challenge athletes of all levels and ages, focusing on improving endurance, agility, and techno-tactical repertoire.

Open/Intermediate Fencing Camp
Weekly, July 8-Aug 9, 2024 • Ages 5+
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In this camp, fencers of all ages will have the opportunity to hone and perfect their skills.

Elite Pre-Season Camp
Aug 12-16, 2024 • Ages 8+
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This camp is open to all fencers with at least one season on the USA Fencing Competitive circuit. Campers will be grouped by stage, from year one youth to nationally and regionally ranked athletes.


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