Advice: Dr. Michael Oberschneider

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Nudity in the Home?

Nudity with children as parents should be natural, as you write, but also developmentally appropriate…

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My Kids Are Hypochondriacs — Is This Normal?

The tears, Band-Aids, and attention they are turning to you for, all serve to heal the moment — both emotionally and physically…

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Does My Child Have Anxiety?

Childhood anxiety is not uncommon, with estimates of significant anxiety occurring for 10% to 15% of school-aged children…

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Is It Appropriate to Kiss Your Kids on the Cheeks or Lips?

Affection is affection, and it should occur naturally, spontaneously, and wonderfully back and forth between parents and their children…

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Helping Children Cope with Death

While we all process loss differently, the death of a loved one can be especially hard on young children…

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