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The Children’s Science Center Lab is excited to invite kids to enjoy their summer break with one-of-a-kind STEM-focused fun!

The Lab’s Camps offer kids an opportunity to explore STEM concepts in a fun, exciting way. Their experienced team of STEM Educators works with small groups of campers to create, design, tinker, and more.

With a new theme weekly, summer will be packed with discovery, leaving campers with an even greater love of science!

Choose from week-long and single-day camps:


Engineering Expedition Camp
Rising Grades 1-5
Jun 17-21, 2024Jul 22-26, 2024
Calling all junior engineers — get ready for a week of blueprinting, prototyping, and building while you dive into the wide world of engineering, past, present, and future.

Uncharted Universe Camp
Rising Grades 1-5
Jun 24-28, 2024Jul 29-Aug 2, 2024
To space and beyond! Campers will journey to the edges of the universe to explore black holes, exoplanets, and even unexplored parts of our planet.

Riveting Robotics Camp
Rising Grades 1-5
Jul 8-12, 2024Aug 5-9. 2024
Robots are an important part of STEM and the world around us! Campers will spend a week building, programming, and interacting with robots of all sorts at Riveting Robotics Camp.

Curiosity Quest Camp
Rising Grades 1-5
Jul 15-19, 2024Aug 12-16, 2024
Can plants grow upside-down? Does using hand sanitizer clean your hands as well as washing them? With the help of the scientific method, find answers to these questions and more at Curiosity Quest Camp!


It’s Elemental! Camp
Rising Grades 1-5
Jul 1, 2024
Earth is a vast and miraculous planet, but what is it made of? Campers will try to answer this question through scientific exploration! Register and learn more.

Sleuth It! Camp
Rising Grades 1-5
Jul 2, 2024
Forensics is more than just what you see on TV. This mysterious field is full of scientific research, experimentation, and investigation. Register and learn more.

Dig It! Camp
Rising Grades 1-5
Jul 3, 2024
Dirt, fossils, and rocks, oh my! Become a geologist for a day and learn the history of the Earth through hints left in its crust. Register and learn more.

It’s Electric Camp
Rising Grades 1-5
Jul 5, 2024
From keeping food at the right temperature to powering TVs, electricity is an important part of life! Campers will explore energy and how it powers our lives. Register and learn more.


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